Miss Universe controversy: Saudi Arabia’s participation challenged by organization

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There’s a bit of a scandal brewing in the Miss Universe world due to the beauty queen from Saudi Arabia. The organization is contesting the claims being heavily circulated by her.


The Miss Universe Organization is denying reports of Saudi Arabia’s participation in the 2024 competition, labeling them as “false and misleading.” It all started after Saudi Arabia’s beauty queen Rumy al-Qahtani announced her honor in competing in the contest, a first for her country, as reported by CNN.

The Miss Universe Organization stated on its official website that there has been no selection process in Saudi Arabia and any such claims are false and misleading.

They further clarified that Saudi Arabia has not yet been confirmed as one of the countries participating in this year’s edition of the competition, and rigorous verifications are currently underway regarding these candidacies.

“Saudi Arabia will not have this opportunity to join our prestigious contest until there is a final confirmation from the approval committee,” the organization continued.

On social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok – Saudi Arabian model and beauty queen Rumy al-Qahtani wrote on March 24 that she is “honored” to compete in Miss Universe and noted that her selection marked a first for her homeland. In the images posted online, she is seen wearing a sequined evening gown, a tiara, and a sash with the embroidery “Miss Universe Saudi Arabia.”

Al-Qahtani’s announcement has been widely shared on social media and in the media. It still remains on her social media pages, although the Miss Universe organization is now challenging the veracity of her claims.

“We do not know why Ms. Rumy al-Qahtani announced her candidacy, but if she wishes to participate in the Saudi Arabian competition, she will have to go through the same selection process as any other candidate,” a Miss Universe spokesperson told CNN.

Al-Qahtani could not be reached for comment.

The organization’s statement mentioned that over 100 countries will be represented at the Miss Universe 2024 competition, which will take place in Mexico in September. This year will mark the first Miss Universe without an age limit for its contestants – previously, contestants had to be between 18 and 28 years old.

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