Laura Cosoi, radiant and pregnant with fourth child, dazzles in a 50 lei dress: fans exstatic!

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Laura Cosoi, pregnant with her fourth child, looks fabulous in a dress she paid 50 lei for. Fans are captivated: “You’re adorable”.


It’s not long now until Laura Cosoi will hold her fourth child in her arms, but the actress remains very active, and now she’s flaunting her prominent baby bump in an extremely feminine dress.

Pregnant for almost seven months, Laura Cosoi attended an event in Bucharest, where she chose to wear a dress that cost only 50 lei and which she liked very much, as she confessed in a social media post.

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“I bought this dress a few weeks ago from an outlet and it cost 50 lei because I got it on sale,” she began her post, continuing, “I want to tell you that it’s been a long time since I wore a dress that felt so feminine… or maybe it’s just my current mood,” she wrote.

In the respective images, the actress is dressed in a body-hugging dress, accentuated by unique prints, as well as a deep slit.

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“You look gorgeous!”, “How beautiful you are!”, “Simply adorable!”, “You are wonderful no matter what you wear!”, were some of the comments left by virtual friends.


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What Laura Cosoi said about her fourth child

In a social media post, Laura Cosoi revealed that the name of her fourth child was suggested to her in a dream. “I dreamt him. He told me his name. I knew from the day I gave birth to Lara, if we were to have a fourth child, I knew the gender and the name, he told me, so I didn’t choose the fourth time, the child chose, God did,” she recounted.

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Also, in a recent interview for Click, Laura confirmed that she already knows the sex of the fourth baby, but has decided to keep it a secret for now. “I already know what it’s going to be because I’m already four months along, but I won’t say for now, I’ll keep the secret just for us!”, the star said.

Asked about the experience of raising three little girls, Laura mentioned that she has the support of her husband and in-laws during this period, especially since she is involved in numerous projects. “It’s not hard! It depends on how you’re used to it. Now you don’t sit quietly and drink your coffee, although you can do that too. If you correctly anticipate the arrival of children and expect your life to change, it can’t be hard, you step out of your comfort zone. I can’t complain, I still have time for myself. The kids are in daycare, in kindergarten, there are days when I don’t necessarily film, I also say ‘No’, I have no obligations to anyone, I have to be okay, I see my friends, I go to the park,” she added.

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