Arabella Del Busso (32) is behind bars after stealing over $30,000

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I’ve got the latest on a story that’s stirring up some emotions – Arabella Del Busso (32), who gained notoriety after lying to her ex-boyfriend, rugby player Josh Reynolds (34), about being pregnant, is now behind bars after stealing over $30,000.


Arabella, a model who later ventured into reality TV and then boxing, saw her rise in the ring come to a halt after being sentenced to prison for a crime she committed over several months at the end of 2019 when she was working as a receptionist at a clinic in Australia.

Now, she’s feeling “destroyed, on the ground, and without help” behind bars. But here’s the twist: the judge reduced her sentence.

Arabella was telling clients to pay for consultations in cash, then pocketing the money herself. She ended up stealing $34,000, and in February of this year, she was sentenced to 20 months in prison.

Her lawyer appealed, arguing that Del Busso is forced to spend 17 hours a day in isolation to avoid harassment and threats from other inmates due to her celebrity status. Plus, she’s feeling “destroyed, on the ground, and without help,” and has reportedly fallen into depression because of her experiences in prison.

So, her lawyer pleaded for leniency and asked for Arabella Del Busso to be released early. She appeared before the judge via video call, and the magistrate decided to reduce her sentence to just 5 months. But the judge’s words hit her hard, bringing her to tears.

“I think people would expect a professional fighter to handle prison better. Realistically, she sought this attention she now complains about… She went on a reality show on her own. No one forced her.

Doesn’t that speak volumes? We live in a world of Instagram, Twitter, TikTok… Some people are reserved, others put themselves out there, and some seek fame. What she did was a shameless way to steal money, and there can be no excuse when you steal from a small business,” the judge said, as reported by

The judge’s decision was also influenced by Del Busso borrowing money to repay her former employer. Considering she has no prior convictions, the judge believes she won’t reoffend and will likely continue her boxing career. Arabella Del Busso is set to be released in July.

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