Plus size model and TikToker Gracie Bon from Panama often highlights her lush attributes in her posts

March 5, 2024/ influencing, models/ 0 comments

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‘VULGAR AND ABSURD’: She has the weirdest body you’ve ever seen, and everyone is wondering just one thing.


Instagram model Gracie Bon never ceases to shock the public with her incredibly narrow waist, but also with her huge hips and unnaturally large butt.

It is still unknown whether she underwent plastic surgery or not, but it is clear that her enlarged buttocks have unnatural dimensions.

This 28-year-old regularly publishes seductive shots and photos in which she emphasizes her lush attributes, so it is clear that she has no problems with self-confidence and that frequent criticism does not affect her.

Her videos have gone viral, and most of them have a couple of million views, and she often publishes provocative photos in her underwear.

Her photo clearly highlights the disproportion between her waist and hips, and this is often the subject of discussions under her posts. Many consider her sexy and attractive, but a few of her followers do not hesitate to express their disgust at her body in the comments.


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‘Vulgar, disproportionate and absurd’, ‘You have more plastic in you than the entire Atlantic’, ‘You have such a beautiful face, why did you do this’, ‘I don’t understand – is this real or is it some photoshop?’, ‘I think that human the body cannot naturally look like this’, are just some of the comments.

Recently, she decided to respond to criticism and ugly comments from haters, which she receives under her posts.

‘A message to my dear haters: While you are busy making fun of my body, I am busy loving it and empowering other women to do the same. My success is not measured by the size of my body or negative comments, but by the talent and confidence that radiates from me. So feel free to criticize while my ass grows and so does my bank account,’ Gracie wrote.

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