Tihana Nemčić Bojić: The Rising Star in Croatian Football Commentary

July 2, 2024/ sport, televison/ 0 comments

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Tihana Nemčić Bojić has taken Croatian football commentary by storm. Stepping in as a replacement for Joško Jeličić on HRT, she has quickly become a household name. Let’s delve into her impressive background and journey.

Football Expertise and Education:

  • Nemčić Bojić holds a UEFA Pro coaching license and is a respected football coach.
  • She began her football career in her hometown of Križevci and continued at ŽNK Dinamo.
  • Unfortunately, a serious injury forced her to stop playing football at the age of 20. Undeterred, she transitioned to futsal and pursued her studies simultaneously.
  • Her football knowledge extends beyond the field; she is also a professor at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb.

Breaking Barriers:

  • As the first female expert analyst in Croatia, Nemčić Bojić has shattered gender norms.
  • Fans appreciate her insightful analysis during halftime segments, where she dissects the game with clarity.
  • Social media buzz surrounds her, with comments praising her expertise and football acumen.

Coaching and Leadership:

  • Nemčić Bojić is the current head coach of the women’s futsal national team (A team).
  • She previously coached the Croatian women’s national teams U15 and U17.
  • Her UEFA Pro license allows her to coach any club in any league—a testament to her qualifications.

Balancing Energy:

  • In an interview, she acknowledged the different energies between men and women in football.
  • Growing up alongside male players, she learned to thrive in their company.
  • Maintaining a balance between masculine and feminine energy is crucial for her success.


Jeličić’s Departure:

  • Joško Jeličić left his position as a football analyst at HRT during the European Championship.
  • His colorful commentary, filled with metaphors, jokes, and comparisons, made him memorable.
  • HRT distanced itself from some of his statements.

Tihana Nemčić Bojić’s rise in football commentary is a win for diversity and expertise. As she continues to shine, fans eagerly await her insights in future matches.

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