“Figure like an hourglass, and natural curves mesmerize” – Vesna Dedić, in her bikini, confidently embraces her sixth decade, and everyone says she’s ‘on fire’

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As a TV host, author of numerous novels, and journalist, Vesna Dedić’s appearance in her sixties leaves no one indifferent. We rarely get to see Vesna in a swimsuit, but once on Instagram, she delighted her followers with bikini photos from the seaside. The swimsuit accentuated all her curves, revealing just how fit and mindful she is about her appearance.


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“Her body is a perfect ten,” “This woman exudes confidence,” “A true hourglass figure,” “Stunning,” “Hats off,” “She’s incredibly attractive” – these were some of the comments.

Vesna Dedić

“In the tavern Vatsa Spiaggia, overlooking the bay, Momo Kapor loved to write. When he ascended to the heavens, he received a street named after him in Kefalonia, a sign inscribed in Cyrillic above the table where he loved to write, along with a mosaic. They sipped white wine and savored food and music, just as Kapor taught us to celebrate life in his novels,” Vesna Dedić wrote at that time.


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You can find out more @ https://vesnadedic.rs

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