Morning show host host before giving birth in a body-hugging dress: in the 9th month, she looks like a stunner, every contour visible

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Anđela Đurašković, the host of the morning program on “Prva” television, is pregnant and expecting her second child with her partner Luka Mrđa.

Indeed, Anđela posed in a black dress that clings to her body, perfectly highlighting her pregnant belly and curves.

“Beautiful,” “you’re glowing,” “you look amazing” are just some of the comments.

Recall that after the first delivery, Anđela Đurašković went through a very difficult period. Her son Mihajlo was born two months prematurely, necessitating time in an incubator, and complications continued to arise.

“The day of his birth was simultaneously the happiest and saddest day of my life. As joyous as I was that he was born, I was equally saddened that we had to part ways immediately,” Anđela once shared with “Hello” and continued:

“He was transferred to the Institute of Neonatology, and I stayed in the maternity ward. Unfortunately, I got some infection, and for seven days, I couldn’t touch him. Agony. It’s so heartbreaking when other women get to hold their babies, and you can only see yours in a picture in the incubator, with all those tubes attached to the tiny body,” she said.


Anđela emphasized that in the end, everything turned out well, and both mother and son are now healthy and happy.

“We were fortunate that everything went well, without consequences. Mihajlo is now a healthy and thriving child,” Anđela happily recounted.

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