“I would be a bigger star if they hadn’t sabotaged me” – our singer speaks out about colleagues, sparing no one – mentions Seka Aleksić’s hit too

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Singer Jovana Tipšin was very popular during the period when turbo-folk dominated the music scene, filling clubs with hits like “U tvome telefonu” (In Your Phone), “Idi, idi” (Go, Go), “Tvoja ili ničija” (Yours or Nobody’s). However, at one point, she completely withdrew from the stage.

As she now reveals for local media, she is satisfied with her career, but she believes that others undermined her chances of becoming a much bigger star than she is now.

Rejected the hit “Hej, da sam muško” (Hey, If I Were a Man)

Jovana Tipšin revealed that the big hit “Hej, da sam muško” by Seke Aleksić was initially offered to her, but she let this song slip through her fingers because she couldn’t assess that it would become a hit, so she turned it down.

“Braja offered me that song, I read the lyrics, and somehow I didn’t find myself in that song, so I rejected it. I don’t regret refusing the song because I think it wasn’t meant for me to record it, but for Seka. I’ve heard that some big stars regret not recording some of my songs,” Jovana said on one occasion. She then reflected on how she could have been a much bigger star if she hadn’t been sabotaged:

“I think they undermined me indirectly, not directly. Indirectly, they did, and many of them. I fought through my career on my own. I didn’t have anyone pushing me, but thank God, God is great, He gave me a voice and made me hardworking. The perseverance is a gift from Him, and I maintain good relationships with everyone in the industry.

By the way, Jovana once revealed that she doesn’t socialize with colleagues privately, and off-stage, she doesn’t like to talk about work. She believes that true friendships don’t exist in the showbiz world.”

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