Instagram model Gracie Bon has opened up about her transformation journey, sharing before and after pictures post-surgery.

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Gracie Bon, from Panama, revealed in a heartfelt social media post that she chose to undergo surgery after experiencing knee pain, breathing difficulties, and rejection from a past relationship due to her weight.


She expressed her initial self-love at 300 pounds with the words, “It all began by loving my 300-pound self.”

She elaborated on her decision to change: “Many question if I truly loved my body since I changed it. My love for my body was so profound that I wanted to care for it. The knee pain, breathing issues, and rejection were not what I desired for myself, so I took action to lose weight.”

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Post-weight loss, Gracie Bon opted for surgery to remove excess skin. She advocates for personal happiness over societal standards, stating, “I didn’t conform to youth complaints about imperfections. Body positivity isn’t about staying the same; it’s about doing what’s best for you. Beauty is in the beholder’s eyes, and I cherish every version of myself.”

In her closing remarks, she emphasized: “Being thin doesn’t equate to healthiness; being fit doesn’t make you superior. Everyone’s journey is distinct, with unique timings and processes. No one can judge an overweight person’s health. Always approach others with love and empathy; their struggles are often unseen.”

This statement follows her recent call for airlines to improve seating options after experiencing discomfort during flights, even in first class.

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